Papua New Guinea High Commission, London

Tourist Information

TOURISM_SURFER.pngWith one-fifth of the world’s languages found in Papua New Guinea what an experience that will be if you went to PNG and be greeted in more than 850 different ways.  The country is rich in tradition and culture with over several thousands of separate communities spread across the mainland, and islands. The natural beauty of the country is breath-taking with its wild rugged mountains, deep valleys, coastal lowlands, fast flowing rivers and rolling foothills.   Considered as one of the world’s major coral reef nations it has about 40,000 square kilometres of coral reefs, sea grass beds and mangrove forests. The mountains are covered with tropical rainforest and large wetlands especially around the two major rivers namely the Sepik and Fly rivers.

TOURISM_FISHING.pngPapua New Guinea is a home to an impressive variety of rare animals and exotic plants many of which are still undiscovered including the orchids that spread across the country and continue to fascinate the botanists. It is one of the last biological frontiers

The most popular tourist attractions in Papua New Guinea are trekking, bird watching, canoeing, fishing, surfing and diving. All these activities get the visitors up close and personal with nature and the people which in essence is Papua New Guinea’s special attraction. The tours are organized throughout the country for all ages, skill levels and budgets with opportunities to visit exotic cultures and places unique to Papua New Guinea.

To capture the European market Tourism Promotion Authority has set up an Office in London at No.4. 2 Archie Street London SE1 3JT