Papua New Guinea High Commission, London

The High Commission


Papua New Guinea diplomatic missions abroad are all referred to as Kundu Missions. Each Mission location is preceded by the word KUNDU. The London High Commission is therefore referred to as KUNDU LONDON.

Kundu is a Tok Pisin (one of three lingua franca of Papua New Guinea) word for a type of drum. There are many types of drums used in Papua New Guinea but the most widely used is the Kundu drum. The drum differs from region to region by size and decoration but the shape remains the same. It is hollowed out wood with one end covered in lizard skin for beating, with some regions using resin on the skin to enhance sound. The Kundu drum is used as an accompaniment to all song and dance and is a major part of feasts, festivals and gatherings.


The Kundu drum is depicted in our National Crest, featured lying horizontally together with a spear and our national bird, the Bird of Paradise sitting proudly on top.

PN3.pngFor many villages in Papua New Guinea, the Kundu drum is an instrument used for conveying messages from village to village. It announces births, deaths and many other events. It is used in celebration to signify the importance and status of an individual or a tribe and their position in the community.

Kundu London and all the Kundu Missions around the world were established to announce Papua New Guinea's place in the rest of the world. Kundu London was established in 1975. The Mission is conveniently located in central London and is easily accessible by all forms of public transport.

The current High Commissioner is Her Excellency Ms Winnie A Kiap, who was previously Secretary to the National Executive Council of Papua New Guinea. The High Commissioner is concurrently accredited as High Commissioner to the Republic of Cyprus and the Republic of South Africa; and as Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt, the State of Israel and the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The High Commissioner is assisted by Mr Nasser Tamei whose designation is First Secretary. Mr Tamei has served in the Papua New Guinea Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration for 20 years. He has an academic background in Public Administration and relevant training in Immigration, Refugee/Asylum Seekers, Border Security and Management, and Diplomacy. Mr Tamei is married with one child.

The High Commissioner and Mr Tamei are assisted by five dedicated locally engaged officers.

The Kundu drum heralds arriving guests and makes them feel important and welcome.

We hope that when you visit Kundu London, you are made to feel welcome and your business attended to in a friendly and professional manner by our staff.


People pictures courtesy of; from the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority Photo Library